Renovated Nachlaot Apartments

Our Nachlaot apartments are a good choice for visitors who want to stay in a convenient area of central Jerusalem. The neighborhood offers a easy walk to many synagogues, shopping, the Old City, Machene Yehuda, Geula, Ben Yehuda. Still it remains a rare, quiet and charming part of the city that is known for its narrow, winding lanes, old-style housing, intimate courtyards and a variety of shteibels.

The homes in Nahlaot run from eclectic to elegant as the neighborhood is currently undergoing gentrification. You'll find your Jerusalem vacation in our Nachalot apartments homes safe, convenient and brimming with the charm of Old Jerusalem.

Eilat1 is a bright and airy top floor apartment. 1 BR/1BA full glatt kosher kitchen and a lovely mirpeset overlooking the city of Jerusalem to sit and enjoy your morning coffee.

Eilat2 is a clean and cozy upstairs apartment. 1 BR/1BA full glatt kosher kitchen. An open family area with lots of natural light with comfortable reading chairs that convert to beds for extra sleeping.

Eilat Duplex Eilat1 & 2 can be combined to give you more space, 2 BR/2BA, 2 full glatt kosher kitchens, two separate living/family areas to sleep up to 11.

Are you an apartment owner looking for someone to manage your Nachlaot apartments? David and Renee can help you!

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