Your Property Manager
in Jerusalem

    If you own a home of any sort in Jerusalem, you are among the most privileged home owners in the world. We would be honored to be your property manager. We will care for your apartment in your absence and have it ready and waiting for your enjoyment during your time here. 

our property management services include:

  • Weekly site visits and system checks when vacant
  • "On Call" for emergencies and alarm company
  • Schedule, oversee and verify housekeeper, repair and maintenance calls
  • Monthly statements
  • "On call 24/6" for emergency and time sensitive projects

See more about services for short term and long term apartment management which includes:

  • Rental advertisement
  • Screening of potential tenants
  • Liason between owner, renter and lawyer for lease execution and renewal
  • Collect rent and deposit into your account

Base price for Ongoing Oversight of your home is 500NIS per month.

We can also help you with Project Management and Concierge Services:

project manager

  • Large & Small Renovation 
  • Major Repairs
  • Home Furnishings & Decoration
  • Setup & Troubleshoot utilities & internet 
  • Appliance purchase & installation


  • Shop for groceries pre-arrival 
  • Airport pickup
  • Tour Recommendation
  • Simcha Planning
  • Housekeeping 
  • Recommend Service Provider 
  • Bill Management and Transfer
  • Special Requests

     We aim to bring the best service available in Israel to our clients. We have been doing so since 2009.  Contact us today—we appreciate the opportunity to give the highest professional attention to your home in the holy land.

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