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as your Property Manager in Israel



long term rental managers

Is your property a long term rental for investment purposes? Then Trusted Property Management Israel is just the solution: professional, experienced oversight.

Israel Return on Investment

Here you'll find property management options for your investment apartments in Israel with long term leases.

  • -Regular site visits to your home when not rented
  • -Rental advertisement
  • -Screening of potential tenants
  • -Liason between owner, renter and lawyer for lease execution and renewal
  • -Collect rent and deposit into your account
  • -Schedule, oversee and verify repair and maintenance calls
  • -Regular statements

private property management

  • -Regular accounting of household bills
  • -Regular site visits to your home when not rented
  • -Mailbox forwarding or filing
  • -"On Call" for emergencies and alarm
  • -Schedule, oversee and verify repair and maintenance calls
  • -Accept deliveries

When your vacation home in Israel is vacant, life goes on. Our caring property management oversees regular maintenance, monthly payments, gardening, cleaning, extermination, repairs and the many other small things that mean so much.

We strive to treat your home in Israel as if it were our own.

Project Management

  • Construction 
  • Repairs
  • Contracting
  • Building Maintenance and Renovation
  • Technical Solutions
  • Appliance purchase & installation
  • Home Furnishings & Decor

Our team will take you from initial planning through bids and completion. Coordinate setting goals, oversight of schedule, budget, and finding creative solutions. David has experience in major building to important but small improvements in our valued client projects. 

commercial real estate management

  • Office, Retail, Mixed Use
  • Attract and retain target tenants
  • Collect rent and pay expenses in compliance with lease terms
  • Regular property inspection
  • Bid, negotiate, and manage vendor contracts
  • Operating expense control
  • Develop strategic plans to enhance property value
  • Oversee maintenance and capital improvements
  • Ensure compliance with codes, regulations, and governmental agency directives

Commerce is booming in Israel. Office and commercial space are a premium investment.  Trusted Property Management strives to minimize vacancies and identify new opportunities that will increase value from your portfolio. Contact David to discuss your commercial management needs.