Your Key to Good Service



✓ long term rental Management

Is your property a long term rental for investment purposes?   Every day we strive to give excellent —> property management services for your investment apartments in Israel with long term leases. 

Trusted Property Management Israel is just the solution: professional, experienced oversight.

✓ short term rental  Management

Do you rent out your beautiful apartment between trips to Jerusalem? Kosher Jerusalem Rentals excels at matching quality kosher renters with well maintained kosher apartments. 

✓ private property management

When your vacation home in Israel is vacant, life goes on. —>Our caring property management oversees regular maintenance, monthly payments, gardening, cleaning, extermination, repairs and the many other small things that mean so much. 

✓ commercial real estate management

Commerce is booming in Israel. Office and commercial space are a premium investment.  Trusted Property Management strives to minimize vacancies and identify new opportunities that will increase value in your portfolio. —>Contact David to discuss your commercial management needs

It's our core philosophy to continue to find better ways to help people to own, rent and enjoy the benefits of their property in Israel. We'd love to help you do just that.  First, meet our reliable, creative, dedicated team...