Talbiya Rental Apartments for jerusalem vacations

You are viewing a beautiful Talbiya Rental Apartments. Talbiya is a gracious and safe neighborhood convenient to all the best sites for your Jerusalem vacation. Talbiya is known for its magnificent architecture and quiet shady streets.

The neighborhood is bounded by the Prime Minister's and the President's residencies, the Jerusalem Theatre and the Crown Symphony Hall and Auditorium. Apartments such as these are now selling for close to one million US Dollars, however you can rent it at a very affordable rate.

Talbiya Rental apartments 

Walk to many of the best Jerusalem destinations:

  • 10- 15 minutes to Mamila Mall,  the First Train Station
  • 15-20 minutes to Jaffa Gate, Emek Refayim, Ben Yehuda, Great Synagogue 
  • 20-30 minutes to Kikar Shabbas, Geula

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