Vacation Rental Manager Services

Your vacation home like any valuable asset needs consistent oversight. We have staff dedicated to vacation rental manager services.

You want to regularly rent your apartment to qualified renters and keep your tenants satisfied, you'll have trusted partners dedicated to the task.  

Trusted Property Management 's
Kosher Jerusalem Rental Division
takes the worry out of managing your vacation home

Our rental commission includes these services to you, the owner

-Advertising your apartment-we spend $1,000's each year in advertising targeting kosher travelers

-Screening of potential tenants

-Collecting deposits and rental fees and sending you profits in a timely manner

-Opening apartment and meeting tenants

-Available to answer tenant requests

-Oversight of cleaning and closing apartment after rental period

Contact us to see how we can help you enjoy income from your property in Israel.

Additional services include:

Sukkah set-up and removal and Pesach Kashering

Overseeing repair & maintenance calls, taking deliveries, bill transfer

Ongoing Oversight

Ongoing Oversight Property Management -it's our core business

  • As a non-resident owner, regular maintenance and unscheduled repairs can make managing your property from afar a burdensome, costly chore. Hiring an on-site trusted property manager can actually add value to your asset.
  • Our clients may own one beloved home in Yerushalayim for their personal use, or a well placed apartment earning short term vacation rental income when the owner is in chutz l'aretz.
  • Several clients own multiple long term rental apartments, many purchased with our help, currently earning them a nice rate of return.