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& why we started ZedekGroup

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us and our company. First of all, we think it is wonderful that you are considering spending time in Israel. We made our first trip here on our 12th anniversary in 1994. During those 10 days here, we began to realize we had come home. After years of longing to put down our roots in Jerusalem, we set an aliya date and B"H in 5767/2007 we fulfilled our dream, and the dream of generations before us and made Israel our home. (See Renee's blog for the whole story)

In those years between our first trip and our aliya, we came to visit often. Almost every time, we chose to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. It did not take many visits to learn how many definitions of "well-maintained" there are in this country. As a result of our disappointment with accommodations, we never rented the same apartment twice.

You see, we have been in your shoes before. As the owners of long term rental homes in Atlanta and a short term vacation apartment (600 miles from Atlanta), we know how hard it is to manage your own real estate when it is not your primary business focus.

What Can We Do For You?

Wouldn't you like to have repeat renters and solid tenants? Reliable, trustworthy and accommodating management garner successful rental income. We do that. 

In America David ran a sales organization for 14 years. While success is solely from Hashem, we learned that our efforts bore fruit only when providing our customer with: ongoing trustworthy customer service.

Consistent follow-through and creative solutions in partnership with our vendors, buyers and staff were not only the key to success, but also the door to great relationships—which we still enjoy today.

Trusted property management services

Because of our personal attention and care, your property is in reliable hands. Regular visits to the property, maintenance support and supervision, long and short term rentals, rent collection and bill settling. Here is the menu of services you can expect.

An exciting and growing facet to our business is in helping Anglos purchase apartments in Israel. Our agents find opportunities and hold your hand throughout the buying process.  Once you are an owner, we maintain the investment and find  qualified renters. Check out our buying service and join those who have achieved their dream of owning in Israel—without enduring a bureaucratic maze.

Learn more about how we bring American Customer Service to buying a home in Israel

We hope you'll contact us soon.

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