Israel Return
 Property Investments in Israel

     Israel Return is the investment arm of ZedekGroup. If you are looking for return on property investment in Israel, we can help determine the best way to optimize your goals.

Long term rental management and fees
on your properties

The Basic Monthly Fee for Ongoing Oversight Rental Property Management is 10% of the rent with a minimum of 650NIS per month. This includes two hours of our time managing your regular needs (see below) 

Ongoing Oversight  of your long term rental includes:

  • -Weekly site visits to your home when vacant
  • -Collect rent and deposit into your account
  • -Regular activity statements 
  • -Plus two hours to schedule, oversee and verify repair and maintenance calls
  • -On Call 24/6

We also assist in:

  • -Rental advertisement
  • -Screening of potential tenants
  • -Liaison between owner, renter & lawyer
  • -Oversee lease execution and renewal
  • -Bill Payment 
  • -Utility Transfer
  • -Insurance
  • -Interior Design Consultant
  • -Renovation Oversight & Project Management
  • -Purchase & Receive Furniture, Appliances & Household Items
  • -Strategic Planning
  • -Real Estate Services and Consultant